They protected us. We must provide.

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“If we expect future generations to volunteer to protect our liberty, we need to assure them when they return that they are well cared for and appreciated.” –Elena Johnson

Our Mission

Homeless veterans are often able to obtain basic housing through the V.A. or other sources. Unfortunately, this housing does not include basic home furnishings, leaving our veterans sleeping on the floor.

Joint Mission exists to provide those men and women with the home furniture essentials that provide them with the comfort they deserve. By always putting the interests of the veterans we serve first and foremost, we promote patriotism, honor military service, and work to preserve the self-worth of all we aspire to assist.

How to Help


Make a Tax Deductible Donation

Joint Mission is also accepting tax deductible donations to support our mission. These funds will be used to purchase furniture items for selected veterans that we are not able to provide from our available stock, and to underwrite the efforts of the Joint Mission staff.

Donate Furniture

Witnessing a veteran sleeping on the floor or eating on a cardboard box is heartbreaking. Your donation of gently used furniture or housewares can lift their spirits and make their house a home. To donate furniture, please contact us.

Get Involved

If you are an interior designer, realtor or own a furniture consignment store and wish to join in our Joint Mission Network or you would like information about volunteering and being part of the effort to supply formerly homeless veterans with basic furniture essentials, please visit our contact page.

Notable Friends


BGEN Robert L.Cardenas, USAF Ret.
Joint Mission Advisory Board
"I am honored to serve with this worthy organization to help our Veterans. As a Veteran of 3 wars myself it behooves us all to get involved to help those who sacrificed".

Col. Allen West US Army Ret.
Joint Mission Advisory Board
“Being a Vet myself and my dad having served in WWII, I endorse this endeavor as it is the responsibility of those of us who have benefited from their service, to care for the Veteran and his family.”

Giving Back

What We Do

Working with the local office of Veterans Affairs, formerly homeless veterans are selected to receive essential furniture items for their new housing. Items such as a dining table for hot meals, family meetings, homework, and bill paying; or a comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep to be well rested for the next day’s job hunt. The local VA works with hundreds of vets in a seven county area in an effort to get their lives back on track following their service to our country. Joint Mission responds to the recommendations we receive and works to deliver the needed items.